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Single Bottle Values are as per Liquid Whisky data at . Price changes are over the past one month.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question here or within our How It Works guide please contact us and we'll be happy to assist

What should I do if I won't be able to confirm purchases and sales ? For example while on holiday ?

There is a feature within your Dashboard called Holiday Mode. This can be enabled when for any reason you won't be able to confirm purchases or sales

Whilst in Holiday Mode your bids and offers will be temporarily hidden from other users, meaning you don't have to cancel whilst unavailable and re-input them

Bids and offers can be hidden separately in holiday mode, for example if you still want to be able to buy whiskies whilst away but can't commit to selling your bottles and posting them

What condition should the bottle I'm selling be ?

Bottles within Liquid Whisky are catagorised very simply. When selling a bottle you will have to select whether your bottle is in "Excellent Condition" or not

Excellent condition would be how you would reasonably expect a bottle to be when purchased from new. This means VERY minor imperfections expected during transit are acceptable but nothing more

Sellers please be honest when catagorising your bottles as Buyers are entitled to receive a full refund and Liquid Whisky will seek to recover all costs if bottles are deemed to be deliberately catagorised incorrectly 

Can I sell a bottle which has experienced evaporation ?

When selling bottles on Liquid Whisky the seller must confirm if the fill level is into the neck of the bottle

This means the liquid in the bottle is up to and into the neck of the bottle as you would expect with a new bottle

Bottles below this level can be listed for sale, but must be listed as "No" in the Fill Level Into the Neck field

Do I need to store payment card and bank details with Liquid Whisky ?

Payment card details are not stored by Liquid Whisky, but in order to pay sellers we require a bank account number and sort code to transfer the proceeds of the sale

It isn't compulsory to fill in the bank account details section of your dashboard until you list your first bottle for sale

How should I pack my sold bottles for transit to the buyer ?

Bottles should be packaged safely and securely. We recommend a strong box which will keep the bottle upright, plenty of materials to protect the bottle and associated packaging and a notification on the outside of the box stating that the contents are fragile and which way up the parcel should be transported

Note that the packaging of the bottle and delivery to the buyer are the responsibility of the seller. We always recommend you take out insurance in case of damage or loss in transit

When should I expect my purchased bottle to arrive ?

Once a trade is confirmed by a seller, we allow 7 days for the seller to organise delivery and dispatch the item
Depending on the delivery method used your bottle should then arrive shortly after

Please contact us if you experience any issues with receiving a bottle you have purchased

What should I do when my bottle arrives ?

Please carefully unpack and inspect the bottle, ensuring it matches the description provided by the seller and that any damage or imperfections were highlighted in the seller's offer

Once satisfied come back to your dashboard and confirm receipt of the bottle. This concludes the transaction and allows the buyer and seller to provide reviews

By confirming receipt you are accepting delivery of the bottle, so it's important this is done once you have inspected the bottle. If there are any issues please do not confirm receipt contact us immediately and we will look to resolve the issue as quickly as possible

What should I do if a bottle I've purchased is damaged on arrival ?

Please contact us immediately and we will look to resolve as quickly as possible

We will investigate whether the damage took place in transit or whether damage was pre-existing but not highlighted by the seller

What should I do if I suspect a bottle I have purchased, or a bottle I've seen on the site, is counterfeit ?

Liquid Whisky take counterfeiting very seriously, and understand that a counterfeit bottle may not be straightforward for a buyer to identify

We therefore allow buyers to flag counterfeit bottles to us within 6 months of purchase.

We will then investigate the bottle sold

Please let us know if you suspect a bottle you have purchased or seen on the site is counterfeit

How quickly will I be paid after I sell a bottle ?

Liquid whisky pay sellers once the buyer has confirmed receipt and acceptance of the bottle, usually within 48 hours

If there are difficulties with the buyer confirmation we will look to resolve but this may delay your payment

After 14 days of successful delivery and no buyer confirmation we reserve the right to pay the seller